Phillipines Lagoon

Teacher Tip: bet36体育在线真的吗There will be pauses during the recordings to make observations or think about a question. Think about how you would like student to share their ideas/observations/questions with you during theses times.

Go on a virtual expedition to the Philippines, just as Academy scientists do. Join us as we learn to make observations and ask questions like a scientist while watching a live stream of our sharks and rays lagoon.

What to exect during this Special Live Event
shark from below

bet36体育在线真的吗This 45 minute program students traveled on a virtual expedition into a habitat to explore the secret lives of sharks and rays—the Philippine Mangrove Lagoon.

The Mangrove Lagoon exhibit at the Academy replicates the lagoons in the Philippines. Using our live underwater video cameras, students identified the animals they see swimming in the lagoon. Then they practiced making detailed observations just like a marine biologist.

bet36体育在线真的吗Once students had made observations, they turned those observations into scientific questions. Students then picked one of their questions that allowed them to design and carry out a 2-minute investigation using the underwater video cameras. During this investigation students observed, collected evidence, analyzed and explained their results to their fellow scientists.

Finally we discussed why the lagoons are an important habitat, not just for the sharks and rays that call it home!

Materials to Prepare

bet36体育在线真的吗Prepare the following for each student so that they record their observations during the program:

  • a pencil
Extended Learning

Pre-program activity: While strongly recommended is not required to participate!

  1. Discuss what are their ideas of how scientists do science or solve mysteries.
  2. Watch "" Video
  3. Discuss how their previous view is the same of different then what they heard in the video.

Post-program activity:

  • Sustainable Fishing Lesson (45 minutes)
  • Have students reiterate their investigation and make further observations to try to answer their testable question.
  • Have students answer one of their questions by finding a reliable source online.
Grades: 3rd Grade - 8th Grade
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Price: Free